Ard as Nails – Milky Way

Short on words today because of pain management, but the pictures can do the talking on this beautiful multichrome holo glowy treat.

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Essie – Front Page Worthy

Front Page Worthy is part of Essie’s new Gala Bold Gel Couture range for Summer 2017, celebrating 1 year of the Gel Couture range.  Personally I’d rather they celebrated by releasing the full range globally (I believe we have less than half of the core range in the UK) or making them cheaper…

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Color Club ‘Mood changing’ thermals: Extra-Vert, Everything’s Peachy, Shine Theory

I recently picked up three of the new Color Club thermals (“mood” changing) from Rainbow Connection. As they’re so new there aren’t many swatches out there so I took a punt on the three whose bottles looked the most interesting.

Apologies for the state of my cuticles, by the way, the sudden cold weather did for them for about a week.

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Glam Polish – All the Lights that Shine

So yeah, I brought my blog out of hibernation… 

I figured I don’t have to make it super content heavy ( difficult when wrangling with bad arms and voice​ software), so I am experimenting with using the WP app…

This is Glam Polish – All the Lights That Shine. It’s a glitter topper from their La La Land collection.

It’s a multi glitter extravaganza. Seriously, this thing is packed full of big glitter and microglitter in every colour, plus some iridescent shinies for good measure.

I’m wearing it here with a silver base, then a brushed on layer and two sponged on layers, plus two layers of top coat to smooth it out.

To be honest, that’s probably too many layers as it felt very thick (and some glitters were hard to get off the skin) – but look at the shiny! It’s utterly beautiful. I found it tricky to get smooth edges but of you’re an experienced glitter-er you might be fine. Who cares though – my fingers were twinkling the whole time I wore it.

You can get Glam from their website and the UK Facebook group does monthly group buys for members.

#31dc2016 Days 1 and 2

So I decided to take on the 31 day challenge – many nail fans participate in this during September (for an explanation of why it’s a 31 day challenge in a 30 day month, see Chalkboard Nails’ blog).

2016’s challenge, from Chalkboard Nails.

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